Our Services

Jegnaship Program

 Our Jegnaship Program* is comprised of hand selected life-experienced individuals paired with community members who express interest in building relationships to address and take action to overcome their own life’s trials and tribulations. Unlike other mentorship programs, our Jegna relationships are a two-way street wherein a hierarchy does not exist, but rather a two-way bond over their determination to become better united individuals for the sole purpose to better serve their communities. This requires accountability by both parties to achieve set goals, support of one another whenever necessary, and keeping one another honest within a nonjudgmental, confidential and safe space. 

*Jenoch do not give medical advice, they share life experience

Community Empowerment

 Our Community Empowerment program is designed to go into neglected communities to identify socioeconomic gaps, educate the residents and empower them with information to thrive. In our vastly growing, ever changing economy the world is progressing so quickly that a disadvantage population of people are being left behind, and marginalized, because they lack the basic knowledge, support and resources to evolve with neighboring communities. Such gaps include education assistance, financial literacy, healthcare maintenance, job opportunities, and real estate ownership. 

We Can't Do This Alone


While our Jegnaship and Community Empowerment programs are our main areas of focus, we also collaborate with like-missioned organizations by donating time, talent and resources to the improvement and sustainability of our neglected communities. By actively gifting back, we make a difference in the world by helping others maintain earth. 

We achieve this by:

  • assisting residents with voter registration (regardless of political affiliation)
  • uplifting teachers and supplies schools
  • creating unity within communities
  • partnering with city planning and development on eco-friendly projects
  • participating in animal rescue and emotional companionship events
  • attending, supporting and/or volunteering at like-missioned organization and community events
  • providing bare necessities for the homeless, victims of sex trafficking and domestic violence
  • and MUCH more!